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American Literature - Full Year

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  • This course has optional Full Teacher Services. See below for more information.


Credits: 1
NCAA Eligible Course
In American Literature, students explore various cultural periods of American literature. They examine numerous aspects of Romanticism, literature from multiple historical eras of the United States, and contributions made by significant American leaders. In addition to discovering multiple genres and investigating numerous periods of writing, students also explore the basics of literature, writing, and grammar.

Course Assessments & Grading Services
This course includes a mix of manual and auto-graded assessments and includes Grading Services. A state-certified educator will grade assignments and provide student feedback. Student work will be assessed using a combination of rubrics, assignment marking, and personalized feedback. Grading Services do not include the answering of questions via email, teacher office hours, virtual appointments, progress monitoring, communication via announcements, remediation, or accommodations and modifications.


  • Early American Literature
  • Native American Oratory
  • Historical Influences
  • Literary Elements
  • Writing
  • Analyzing Nonfiction
  • Romantic Movement
  • Poetry


All course teachers are certified, subject-area content experts. The teacher will grade student assessments and provide detailed feedback. The course teacher is available to answer student questions via email, during scheduled office hours, or by virtual appointment. The teacher will carry out documented modifications and accommodations that are applicable to the online course. Progress monitoring and supplemental material will be provided by the teacher as needed.